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(Senior Staff level)
(Construction/ Building)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Feb 23, 2017 - Advertise Date
May 24, 2017 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our Company is an expert in executing projects in remote area as well as in some of the culturally challenging places in Indonesia. We has experience in every major island in Indonesia and in different small islands.
Access to a remote area is one thing to consider. However, there is always more than just a location when one talk about challenges.
They have not only provides an excellent access to a remote area but also provides a solution to take care of social acceptance when a project starts in a new area. Whether a project is for building LNG facility, public infrastructure, housing complex, or any sort of construction.

  1. Male, under 45 years old
  2. Experience ; 8 years in Plant Construction Company
  3. Possesses experience in HRGA field minimum 8 years in Construction or EPC company (more than 1.000  manpower)
  4. Possesses minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) from Law, Psychology, Management, Business Administration
  5. Preferably Coordinator / Supervisor / Assistant Managers specializing in Human Resources
  6. Good knowledge in Labor Regulation (UU 13/ 2013) and Industrial Relationship
  7. Has a good communication,   presentation and negotiation skills
  8. Detail oriented and able to work under deadline
  9. Good analytical and conceptual thinking
  10. Excellent interpersonal skills and enjoy dealing with people
  11. Cheerful, attentive, and caring to others
  1. Assists Project Manager and Site Manager to manage Human Resources Development at project site
  2. Monitors the progress of human development plan and innovation plan, and reports regularly to Project Manager & General Manager at HO
  3. Manages all human resources management implementation
  4. Maintains and executes organizational values in order to build organizational culture
  5. Communicates effectively with all employees.
  6. Responsible for all Human Resource matters : recruitment, training development, manpower control, payroll, BPJS, compensation and benefit, etc.
  7. Responsible for all General Affair matters : building operation, company asset management, waste control, vehicle operational, driver, security, cleaning service, etc.
  8. Responsible for Industrial relationship matters : make a good relation with Government Institution, Labor Union, Police, LSM, etc.
  9. Responsible for legal company documentation matters : company regulation, vendor contract agreement and expatriates documents
Length of Experience
8 - 10 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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