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(Manager level)
(Computer Software/ IT)
Others, Indonesia
Apr 26, 2018 - Advertise Date
Jul 25, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions


We are #SashimiAsia - a trusted, recognized and result-driven digital marketing agency with offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


We exist to help brands accelerate their business performances by taking advantage of technology, social media, the world wide web and mobile devices.


Our name Sashimi is derived from the fine array of digital solutions which can be integrated in harmony to achieve synergy for our clients’ businesses.


Our team is driven and come from diverse and specialized backgrounds in digital & social media, performance marketing, data & technology, creative and content production. Much like sashimi’s renowned freshness and variety.


  1. Our work is globally recognized with a nomination at the International EMMY Award.
  2. Our work is trusted, and services retained by the world’s leading brands.
  3. We are powered by a team from a diverse background of specialized skill sets.
  4. We are driven & enthused to drive projects with passion and deliver results.
  5. We are big enough to deliver, yet agile enough to adapt to your business needs.

Our company is the holding company for web ventures. We are include companies such as blog advertising network, social media advertising network Churp Churp,interactive design house Ripplewerkz, and group-buying website Milkadeal. Growth of the various web ventures have been rapid, and the group has now expanded to include over 130 employees in 9 offices worldwide since its inception on 18 August 2006.

We are both run and manage Asia's First and Largest Blog Advertising Network.

As of February 2012 represents over 1,000,000 Social Media Influencers and has offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Melbourne, Beijing, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia & UK. Among Nuffnang's clients are Nokia, Nike, Motorola, MAS, uMobile, Celcom, Maxis, P&G, Unilever, Air Asia and many more.
Our company is among the fastest growing dotcoms in the region with a young vibrant and talented team with a very different work culture.



Responsibilities of the role for Nuffnang Indonesia:
  1. Oversee and manage the company’s operations in Indonesia, including leading the sales, operations, talent and marketing departments.
  2. Create, maintain and deliver a clear vision and business strategy that is aligned with the overall company goals and values.
  3. Responsible for providing a detailed annual business operating plan including budget forecasts based on market conditions and product portfolio.
  4. Responsible for the company’s P&L specifically in driving revenue/growth and increasing profitability.
  5. Responsible to provide monthly reports to regional and to produce detailed business performance reports on a periodic basis.
  6. Generate an ongoing sales pipeline and new business opportunities.
  7. Manage, maintain and grow our talent/influencer pool.
  8. Ongoing review of product/service offerings and provide recommendations to regional office for innovations and improvements.
  9. Formulate strategies to increase industry-related penetration and public awareness.
  10. Responsible to recruit and manage staff, including mentoring and performance monitoring.
Responsibilities of the role for Sashimi Indonesia:
  1. Devising strategies to achieve a certain digital marketing objective defined by the client. Eg. Build awareness & education for a product, increase transactions on an e-commerce site, create word-of-mouth & increase brand mentions on social media and etc.
  2. Turning the strategies into an actionable plan, utilizing a range of techniques including display ads, performance marketing (SEM, SEO, biddable media & programmatic), social media (community, influencer & content), native advertising and etc.
  3. Overseeing social media strategy for the client. Eg. sustaining their community, reacting to trends / topical events, insights mining, crisis management and etc.
  4. Creating synergy by integrating all the digital marketing components.
  5. Collaborating with digital media owners, technology partners & influencers to enhance delivery of digital marketing campaigns.
  6. Setting key performance indicators (in the areas of reach, engagement & conversions) based on the devised strategy & plan.
  7. Planning & implementing tracking tools to measure digital marketing campaigns. This includes ad serving technology like Google Analytics tags, social media listening tools, and social media reporting tools.
  8. Reporting for campaigns with analysis and recommendations for optimization.
  9. Developing & evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data.
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
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Others, Indonesia
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Rubby Lim


Rubby Lim (Consultant)

Adam  Tirta


Adam Tirta (Consultant)

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