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(Head of Division/ Chief level)
(Consumer Goods - Food Processing)
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Jan 20, 2018 - Advertise Date
Apr 20, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our client is a company under Universal Success Group who holds the franchisee right of Outback Steakhouse in South East Asian Countries (Indonesia, Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand and Philipines). Our client itself is operating for Indonesia territory.

  1. More than 10 years’ experience in heading and handling marketing, specifically focused on Food and Beverage, in a comparable casual dining chain
  2. At least a Bachelors’ Degree in business management or related fields with specialization in marketing management
  3. High level of fluency in communication (oral and written) in English
  4. Well developed presentation skills including expertise in MS Office (especially MS Word and PowerPoint)
  5. Willingness to travel (more than 50%)
  1. Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all the Organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal, with a view to improve customer satisfaction, drive sales and profitability growth and establish the brand as customers’ choice for casual dining within American cuisine
  2. Keep updated on all brand standards and ensure that all marketing materials, collaterals, marketing communications used in the stores, trading areas, webpage and all other media adhere to the latest brand standards and are approved prior to roll out.
  3. Develop, implement and oversee the marketing budget for the region as well as individual restaurants with optimal allocation of resources and ensures adherence to the budget at all times.
Primary Relationships
  1. The position reports to the Chief Executive Officer and serves as a member of the senior management team.
  2. The position also works on a daily basis with the Operations Team across all markets, specifically the Operating Partner for the market as well as the Managing Partners for each restaurant.
  3. The team reporting to the position includes the Sales and Marketing Managers/ Executives for each market as well as the Creatives Team.
  4. Externally, the position requires interaction with media as well as all strategic partners, including but not limited to key suppliers, financial institutions, etc.
Principal Accountabilities
Marketing Budget Preparation
  1. Plan and prepare Consolidated Marketing budget and ensure timely approval of the same from the Board
  2. Implements the marketing budget and allocates resources in a timely and efficient manner to ensure that each country is supported in its respective marketing efforts
  3. Maintains and monitors the implementation related to the marketing budget and to ensure adherence and timely adjustments as needed based on periodic results
Marketing Plan Execution
  1. Keeps herself/himself updated on the latest marketing and promotions trends, information and innovations globally and in each country in preparation of the marketing plan
  2. Leads the planning, execution and evaluation of results for all markets wide special events
  3. Ensures timely and effective communication and feedback to all concerned parties on any marketing related developments and updates that will affect results of all the market.
  4. Prepare and submit the marketing audit document for every campaign with required approvals before and after the campaign and archive it
  5. Keeps updated on sources and ideas for relevant sponsorships and partnerships. Ensures that these are tapped to attain optimum marketing activity results
  6. Maintains and manages the tracking/monitoring systems related to the marketing plan to ensure adherence and timely adjustments as needed based on periodic results
Strategic Partnerships
  1. Identify and build marketing partnerships with various external parties, that would help bring sales increment to all markets as well as increase the brand awareness
  2. Negotiate and prepare agreements as per corporate procedure with due inputs from all stakeholders



  1. Manages, maintains and regularly updates the webpage and other on line marketing media in a timely and effective manner, including overseeing the social media accounts of the Organization as well as posting, boosting, etc.
  2. Maintain and develop Social media accounts by engaging with the customers, addressing and responding to their queries in a timely manner
  3. Continuously engage with the media community and build strong professional relationships with all relevant media partners
Menu Development
  1. Developing the optimal Menu Mix together with the Operations Team for sales boost and cost optimization
  2. Developing menu sets for various special occasions, along with all other collaterals that may be required
  3. Supervising the design team in preparation of the menu (from design, lay out, proof print and final print)
  4. Co-ordinate with the Franchisor for all menu related approvals and queries
Administrative Function
  1. Effectively supervise the team reporting to the position, including leave sanction, regular appraisal, etc.
  2. Submit timely and accurate expense reports
  3. Maintains marketing files effectively and in accordance to the company’s confidentiality guidelines. This includes the pictures, videos and other media files for future reference and use
  4. Understands all marketing related paper works and accomplishes then in a timely and effective manner
  5. Document all the contacts in easily accessible format for future reference
  6. Prepare monthly marketing reports for the Chairman and Board
Length of Experience
> 10 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Reporting To
Chief Operating Officer
Rubby Lim


Rubby Lim (Consultant)

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