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(Manager level)
(Hotel/ Hospitality)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Mar 14, 2018 - Advertise Date
Jun 12, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our company is a major innovator in the SMART Integrated Facility Management services industry. Founded in 1997 by French Entrepreneur Joachim Poylo, with its headquarters in Shanghai, Aden FM has 20 years of expertise in the Integrated Facility Management Industry, with a growing team of 26,000 employees in 25 countries around the world. Clients of all sizes from a wide range of industries, including many listed on the CAC40, FTSE100, Forbes Global 2000, and Fortune 500, count on our company for strategic outsourcing.
We draw from our history and knowledge of industry best practices to create excellent value added services improve the quality of lives!

  1. Knowledge : Hospitality, Catering, Operations Management. Knowledge on HR,FA, Purc, dan Sales Principles. Contract Management, P&L - Cost Control/budget Management.
  2. Skills : All level communication skills. English written and verbal. Formal and Informal communication. Analytical and problem solving skills.
  3. Personal Attributes : Leading, well communicate, mature, positive, posses passion of building, developing, and growing either team and business
  4. Essential Qualifications : Hospitality formal education/academy

Purpose :

  1. Manage and develop the company's operations for IND RSM, in charge of all camp operations, overlooking all aspects of remote site management to include catering, cleaning, laundry, QHSE, HR/ADM (staff recruitment, staff training), cost control, procurement and logistics, camp maintenance as per each scope of work and contractual obligations.
  2. Must guarantee to manage and operate IND RSM Camps according to Company Services Standard with methods of Professionalization, Standarization, Procedure and humanization.
Reporting to : Country Manager & Operations Director
Supervision of : Area Manager and Site Manager
Essential Responsibilities
  1. Accountable to control and manage all IND RSM operations according to the signed Contracts, SOW and company standards, making no amandments without the approval of the company senior Management.
  2. Lead, manage and coach all RSM team, including OPS support members, Site Management, food services, housekeeping, maintenance, and other team leads
  3. Coordinates and directs day-to-day operations of ALL IND RSM sites
  4. Optimize labor at each site based on SOW and budget requirements
  5. Implement and manage standardized controls at each site to include but not limited :
  1. Standarized recipes
  2. 2-4 week menu system,
  3. 3-6 month material consumption forecasts,
  4. Effective time management rosters,
  5. B52 material control
  6. Internal and External monthly reporting
  1. Optimize product usage at each site, standarizing materials lists and implementing procurement system in order to maintain a regular supply tendering system and obtain highest quality at lowest price based on scope of work at each site.
  2. Ensure the company management presence at site and implement schedule of monthly site visits from the OPS support team
  3. Establish, manage and maintain operational budgets in accordance with RSM contracts SOW and achieving positive EBIT results with in total country P&L
  4. Manage effective communication with clients, staff and the company senior management
HR/ADM/FIN Operations
  1. To control and manage HR/ADM/FIN operational functional in accordance to the signed Camp Management Contact with client, making no amandments without the approval of the company senior management
  2. Coordinate and directs day-to-day operations of the site cost control and accounting
  3. Assist HR Management and advise field staff recruitment, staff interview, staff monthly appraisal. Instruct and dispatch camp subordinate managers to do the work
  4. In charge of administration daily issues, includingvehicle management, goods purchase, storage management
  5. Supervise and approve all purchases, based on consumption forecasts, and accounting reports
  6. Conducts and ensures regular documented  meetings with site Officers (Monthly)
  7. To coordinate any issues regarding to camp management between client, camp, and Head Office
  8. Implement Rosters, staff attendance systems at all sites
  9. Manage operational software and produce financial records as per contract and company standards.
  10. Conducts regular communication meetings with the clients
  11. Regularly attends Branch Operations Meeting and any related Ops meeting
QHSE Management :
  1. Implement corporate Total Quality Management SOPs and systems and strive for Operational excellence
  2. To Ensure the operations of each site are operating accordance to QHSE policies and standards of the company
  3. To ensure consistent continual improvement scheduling in implemented and follow up of staff training, records re to be kept for each team member
  4. To be the main OPS contact person of the all contract clients for all major issues and concerns, ensuring good relations with the customer and implement corrective actions to resolve issues
  5. Must ensure regular quality checks and audits are performed, while standardizing the job descriptions for each of the different function areas, for example : site managers, chefs, administration, housekeeping, etc ..
  6. To ensure that the right amount of products and the correct equipment are used and applied as according to our contracts
  7. Ensuring implementation of HSE practices, in conjunction with Company INDO QHSE coordinator to include HACCP and safe hygiene protocol regulations and working plans
  8. Regular audit HSE practices at each sites working areas, to include offices, kitchens, dining rooms, accomodations, laundry, workshop areas, site grounds, etc
  9. Ensure site managers maintain high personal hygiene and the uniform standard set by the company, good health check for each staff, make the personal data folder in camp office
  10. To ensure consistent scheduling and follow-up of HR, FIN, ADM daily operation. Ensure that QHSE practices are being implemented with whole camp with daily tool box training and weekly staff meetings.
  11. Implement emergency planning, and organize the backup groups with clients
  12. Cooperate with client; make the EHS audit and monthly health check
  13. Perform any other duties within the scope, spirit and purpose of the job as assigned/required.
Reports & Deliverables
  1. Report to RSM OPS Director SEA and IND DCM regularly on daily activities, issue formal OPS report weekly that includes occupancy and usage, costs, work completed, work planned
  2. Ensures site management is providing weekly reports to the on-site client representatives
  3. Consolidates Clients Quality Check Forms from all sites and confidentally forwards summary reports to OPS Director SEA and IND DCM
  4. Collects all sites Financial (Inventory, Expense, Labor and Sales) Reports and submits to IND FIN (30th of each month)
  5. Provide procurement reports monthly by site, following consumption trends and consolidate issue to OPS Director SEA, Finance Director SEA and IND DCM. (1st week of each month)
  6. Complete the company standard MPR for each site (5th of each month) and issue to OPS Director SEA, Finance Director SEA and IND DCM. (1st week each month)
  7. Completes external monthly reporting for all sites, based on corporate standards and issue to clients after the company Senior management approval (requirement is varies with timeline client)
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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