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Executive Search

An Executive Search service is a type of services that specializes in recruiting executive personnel for companies in various industries. It is usually represented by Recruitment consultants (“recruiters”) that serve as direct contacts between client companies and the job candidates they recruit.

Nowadays, with the demand to stay competitive and cost effective, more companies has switched from the traditional recruitment system such as advertisement in the media to partnership with executive search company like RimbunJOB.

There are many benefits that you would receive from our Executive Search Services, which we believe would improve your organization:


With our core strength in our Research Division and experienced Recruitment Consultants, Rimbunjob is capable of locating the top notch candidates in their field and candidates that possess special skills.


Confidentiality concern would be one of the advantages that RimbunJOB could offer for companies that prefer to keep their recruitment activities secret from prying eyes of competitors or other business associates.


Free of Administration fee at the initial searching process. Placement fee would incur only after RimbunJOB has successfully completed the recruitment that resulted in the hiring of the most fitted candidates by your organization.


Guarantee Period is to assure that the candidates hired has settled in your organization satisfactorily.


Easy to use Integrated web system that would improve your candidates data filing, easy access to our recruitment consultant and other great features that we believe would lessen recruitment effort and increase efficiency.

Understanding Our Ideal

Recruitment Procedure

RimbunJob Recruitment Procedure for Employer
RimbunJob’s Recruitment Procedure here is the best & ideal estimation for the enitre process of your delightful experience of recruitment from start to end.