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(Manager level)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 10, 2016 - Advertise Date
Nov 08, 2016 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our client is an energetic business, offering a comprehensive selection of motorcycle performance parts and accessories. Established in year 2006 the company is managed by a board of directors who have been involved in the motorcycle industry for more than 30 years.
Our client is a trend setter, with a good track record for delivering innovative performance parts with Japanese technology. In this industry of rapid development, we are constantly enhancing and improving our products from time to time. 



Job Purpose :
The R&D Operations Manager will be responsible for managing the Company’s technical team to achieve the development and optimization of daily operation tasks more effectively to support the technical findings of each project. 
Key tasks and activities :
  • Manage R&D programs, specifically the technical activities of the R&D team working to have smoother and effective working schedule and system to achieve the optimum deliverables. 
  • Provides cost-efficient R&D for the business unit by developing and implementation of structural management system. 
  • Prepare performance plans and evaluations for tests, product reviews and output tracking to support technical activities. 
  • Develop project plans, budgets, schedules and performance requirements as related to contract agreements with suppliers or related parties.
  • Collaborate with and manage technical/engineers to establish project scope, design and schedule. 
  • Establish and main all tested products, prototypes, scripts and technical papers for reference. 
  • Ensure to practise a follow through product test chronology report as support to warranty of each product/prototypes. Covers all technical steps to ensure to have a solid end result. 
  • Actively searches for best-in-class technologies among competitors and develops innovation roadmap. 
  • Implements structures respecting existing patents (when relevant). 
  • Coordinates with purchasing and product development managers defining the right allocation of the resources.
  • Establishes and maintains operational budgets for engineers and equipments.
  • Applies all relevant international regulations/norms/standards.
  • Implement and encourages "best-practice" sharing.
Length of Experience
2 - 4 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Reporting To
Managing Director
Debby Lim


Debby Lim (Consultant)

Putri _


Putri _ (Consultant)

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