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(Manager level)
(Consumer Goods - Food Processing)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Sep 07, 2016 - Advertise Date
Dec 06, 2016 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

PT. PACIFIC (PIM) was set up in Indonesia in 1999 to promote the group's Edible Oil trading business and marketing of diverse range of consumer goods within country. PIM is actively engaged in producing Crude Palm Oil for refining, as well as in developing its brands and products for the industrial and consumer market of Indonesia. In all its activities, PIM adds synergy to the group companies and is committed to a long-term presence in the Indonesia market through well- developed infrastructure, human resource investment and communication programs. In short period of time, PIM has already become an established player in the branded consumer goods business with brand like AVENA, MADINA. WIST, LYN & HEEBA.

  • Excellence track record in Sales area
  • Familiar with Traditional Market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Products in Sumatera and Kalimantan area
  • University Degree in Marketing or Business Administration or related field
  • 12 years experience in senior manager position or 6 years experience in similar position in Multinational Companies.
  • Effective of leading and motivating a team
  • Proficient in written and oral English
  • Placement Medan
Manage and control all sales & marketing functions include activities in budgeting, forecasting, implementing all strategic sales to achieve the sales target to support the achievements of the company objectives.
  • Manage and coordinate all sales activities
  • Gathering and analyze detailed knowledge about the industry, understand the consumer as well as trade trends to set up and strengthen the strategic move in marketing plan or mix.
  • Prepare a forecast of yearly sales target, monitor it quarterly/monthly, analyze the achieved target and make any changes on the implementation of the sales strategy.
  • Participate with higher management in establishing company’s marketing policy, business plans and recommend any amendments whenever necessary.
  • Committed in implementing sales & marketing policy as agreed.
  • Prepare pricing policy of the company that to be approved by general manager before implementation.
  • Supervise sales activities and distribution.
  • Deal with high and potential customer.
  • Assist in solving customer complains; initiate corrective and preventive action required.
Length of Experience
> 10 years
Employment Type
Work Location
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
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Rubby Lim (Consultant)

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Dwi Putri (Consultant)

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