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(Board of Director/ C Level (CEO, COO. CFO) level)
Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia
Feb 22, 2017 - Advertise Date
May 23, 2017 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our client is a start up company in aquaculture business, their office is currently in Singapore.

  1. Degree qualified civil engineering -accredited by a relevant Institution of Civil Engineers.
  2. Fluent Bahasa & English speaker and reader. Excellent presentation skills.
  3. Commercially aware and has excellent negotiating skills
  4. Has the necessary supervisory and leadership ability to lead others & work in a team environment.
  5. Can work to deadlines and within budgets. Has sound mathematical, scientific and IT skills.
  6. The ability to think methodically and to manage projects. Evident problem-solving skills
  7. Track record in project management, joint planning, capital submissions.
  8. Ability to maintain an overview of entire project while continuing to attend to detailed technicalities
  9. Complete knowledge of relevant legislation
  10. Understands warehousing, logistics, R&M, quality assurance, contractor management & sustainability practices.
  11. Has the gravitas, poise, presence & soft skills to work well in and with -rural communities where we operate.
  12. Strength of character, knows what's right, vigilant, can protect our assets & inspire people to do the right thing.
  13. Flexible thinker –but with strong financial orientation
  14. In character -upbeat, outgoing, self starter, resilient, intellectually curious. proven negotiation skills,
  15. Ideally sub early 40s. We will look favourably on female candidates
The Director Of Civil Engineering is our leader accountable for consulting & contracting the design & build of our facilities. The role plans, oversees design, quotation & construction plus shake down of building structures and infrastructure for Company in Sumbawa Besar & the on water Facilities in Pulau Ngali & Liang. These operations must be incredibly cost effectively built & able to provide continuous exceptional quality product to our end markets in Asia. The initial focus is establishing a network of consultants & contractors who can commence the work & then deliver a highly cost effective product that is durable, secure, energy efficient & safe
  1. Own our culture & with that, engage and lead a trustworthy, competent, motivated team and inspire them.
  2. Plan, oversee design, cost & oversee construction of greenfield sites for Sumbawa Besar& Ngali & Liang.
  3. Engage reliable cost effective consultants for the design work of the project(s).
  4. Develop clear Quality standards and specifications requirements as part of the final design.
  5. Lay out proper Gant chart and Microsoft Project Schedule and develop a detailed construction plan for the Greenfield site
  6. Engage contractors then take the designs and implement them during construction. Work on site, managing construction.
  7. Develop a comprehensive manpower and organization chart for project completion. Compile job specs for necessary roles.
  8. Undertake technical studies including site investigations & scheduleand prepare for proper governmental inspections and approvals
  9. Develop raw materials list, quality standards and cost schedule for raw materials for the construction of facility
  10. Develop a list of equipment needed and the associate cost and quality requirements for operations of facility
  11. Set up multi supplier bidding for selection of design contractors, construction contractors, raw materials and equipment suppliers
  12. Ensure proper supplier selection process
  13. Perform equipment Qualification and acceptance plan prior to equipment acceptance
  14. Develop a proper project spending schedule and track and report spending progress
  15. Work closely with suppliers & develop acceptance criterion and plans for proper hand off of project from Engineering to Operations
  16. Develop & hand over to Operations proper equipment & facility preventative maintenance plans
  17. Undertake the complex calculations required for materials, energy, water, effluent, processing & the various cost trade offs
  18. Supervise tendering procedures. Resolve design and development problems. Manage budgets and project resources.
  19. Anticipate & eliminate theft. Schedule material and equipment purchases and deliveries
  20. Make sure the project complies with Indonesian legal requirements & health and safety
Length of Experience
2 - 4 years
Employment Type
Work Location
Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia
Anastasia Irawati -


Anastasia Irawati - (Consultant)

Nur Halimah


Nur Halimah (Consultant)

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