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(Manager level)
(Logistics/ Transportation)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Apr 07, 2017 - Advertise Date
Jul 06, 2017 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our company is multinational logistics service provider which focusing on Contract Logistics. Our specialities is on Retail, FMCG, Cosmetics & Fragrance, E-Commerce, Fashion and High Tech Industry.
Established on 2001 and its headquarter at Cavaillon, France. Currently operate in 17 countries around the world with around 20,000 employees and 30% yearly average growth.
In Indonesia, we operate since 2007 until now, with Retail and FMCG clients.

  1. Experience in warehouse spv 5 years and/or warehouse manager 2 years
  2. Experience in multinational third party logistics is a must
  3. Experience handling consumer and retail product will be a plus
  4. Bachelor degree in related major is preferred
  5. Able to communicate in English and/or French will highly consider
  1. Strategically manage warehouse in compliance and excellence with company standard 
  2. Ensure to fulfill customer KPI and maintain customer satisfaction
  3. Initiate, coordinate and enforce optimal operational policies and procedures
  4. Maintain high standards of health and safety, hygiene and security
  5. Prepare annual budget
  6. Provide harmonious relationship with clients, suppliers and transport companies
  7. Manage and develop people to achieve best performance
  8. Comply with country, company and customer regulations
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
Employment Type
Work Location
Tangerang, Indonesia
Rubby Lim


Rubby Lim (Consultant)

Putri _


Putri _ (Consultant)

Dwi Putri


Dwi Putri (Consultant)

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