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(Senior Staff level)
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Jun 06, 2017 - Advertise Date
Sep 04, 2017 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

We're outside the US Premium Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt Frozen Yogurt as Pioneers in Indonesia with 41 stores in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, Palembang, Jambi and Medan well as two stores in Singapore.



  1. Ensure that the cashsummary of the group / company is prepared and reported promptly every day.
  2. Ensure all company revenues are properly colleted, accounted for recorded on a regular and timely basis
  3. Ensure All paymaents made to supplier and external parties arecorrect, accurate and timely.
  4. Highlight immediately to for the attention of the assistant Manager, finance and or the CFO any problem or potential problem whichmay arise due to any expected/potential delays in receipts or payments timing which may adversely affect the cash position of the group/company.
  5. Liaise constantly with the operations division ensuring hands – on dan real time updated dates and information on shipping shecules, nothing change affecting credit availability / delays in receipts pr payments.
  6. Constant liaison with internal finance management, bankers and external parties/suppliers and be constantly aware and informed of any changes affecting credit facilities, amounts or availability and changes to shipping schedule.
  7. In discussions dan consultations with the assistant manager, finance, to properly and carefully plan, organize and strategise, in advance, all funding requirements to meet likely funding requirements.
  8. In consultation with the assistant manager, finance or the cfo, ensure untilised funds are managed efficiently by all placing un –utilized funds into REPO & Short term high yielding instruments.
  9. Ensure that internal controls within the cash summary, finance,division are implemented and affectively managed.
  10. Ensure that documents and reports are properly reviewed and checked prior to forwadingfor management,s approval.
  11. Liaise, co ordinate and work with staff in other departments or withexternal supplier, customers, bankers/etc in resolving issues which affect the day to day finance operations of the company.
  12. Costantly and continuously highlight,review and analyse current operating procedure, processes , liaise with affected departmental seeking cooperation for mutual benefits
  13. Continually dan consistently instill, foster dan encouragepeers dan subordinates to a culture of discipline, dedication, integrity dan good attitude, leading to increased productivity and the development of healthy self-reliance and enhanced initiative and self-motivation
  14. Assist the assistant manager as required or requested.
Length of Experience
2 - 4 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Anastasia Irawati -


Anastasia Irawati - (Consultant)

Nur Halimah


Nur Halimah (Consultant)

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