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(Manager level)
(Manufacturing/ Production)
Banten, Indonesia
Sep 11, 2017 - Advertise Date
Dec 10, 2017 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our client is engaged in polyester film industry. The company was founded in 1995 and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We produce PET Film that used for many applications such as packaging industry (printing, laminating, metallizing), electrical and magnetic media. Our Group holds a corporate principle of "always creating higher values and contributing to establish a better society." Ever since our founding, we have expanded our business fields by taking advantage of processing technology and development capabilities. We offer a comprehensive range of products from electronics to packaging, industrial, building, and agricultural materials.

  1. Soft Organization Commitment & Compliance 
  2. Initiative 
  3. Improving Operations 
  4. Listening, Understanding and Responding 
  5. Service Orientation 
  6. Concern for Quality/Order 
  7. Technical Computer Literacy 
  8. QSHE Procedure 
  9. English 
  10. Management Reporting System 
  1. Soft Leadership 
  2. Problem Solving 
  3. Developing Others 
  4. Change Management 
  5. Technical Planning, Organizing & Coordinating 
  6. People Management 
  7. Strategic Management 
  1. Technical Trade Financing 
  2. Legal 
  3. Treasury 
  4. Corporate Tax 
  5. Cost Accounting 
  6. General Accounting 
  7. Non-Current Asset Accounting 
  8. Other Tax
In order to support the Company’s operating and project activities such as manufacturing, purchasing, selling, constructing, Assistant Section Manager of Finance and Accounting has primary responsibility to assists Finance Section Manager administering (i) Accounting (including Taxation and Insurance), (ii) Planning, in compliance with Company’s policies as well as generally accepted accounting principles and other regulations.
Assistant Section Manager of Finance & Accounting has primary responsibility to coordinates and performs (i) Accounting (including Taxation and Insurance), (ii) Finance, i.e. administering operating funds, account payables and receivables, and loans, (iii) Planning.
Finance & Accounting (Including Taxation and Insurance)
  1. Assisting Finance Section Manager in administering treasury.
  2. Coordinating and conducting and performing general accounting and cost accounting, in order to know the result of operation and financial position of the Company, by utilizing knowledge and skill, and consulting with Finance Section Manager, certified public accountants.
  3. Supervising and monitoring the implementation of the approved general accounting cycles/procedures throughout the Company.
  4. Checking and correcting all vouchers in order to ensure the validity and accuracy of the accounting record through segregation of duties from Chief Accountant by monitoring posted data in SAP R/3.
  5. Monitoring the maintenance of all accounting books/registers.
  6. Checking and giving an approval to Finance Section Manager to close all accounting book including SAP R/3.
  7. Checking and giving an approval to Finance Section Manager to entry internal journals such as depreciation etc.
  8. Ensuring that all accounting transactions are supported by appropriate documents.
  9. Conducting and performing systematic filing of accounting documentation and EDP data.
  10. Supervising cost accounting.
  11. Supervising and conducting the preparation of monthly report.
  12. Checking and ensuring the validity and accuracy of the monthly report by analyzing the result with the budget.
  13. Assisting Finance Section Manager in preparing the report of cash flow.
  14. Coordinating the semi-annual and annual settlement work.
  15. Checking the semi-annual and annual settlement data, before submitting them to certified public accountants.
  16. Supporting the internal audit conducted by shareholders.
  17. Coordinating the external audit conducted by independent certified public accounting.
  18. Checking the administration of Account Receivables, Inventories, Prepaid Expense, Accrued Expenses, Fixed Assets, and Account Payables.
  19. Monitoring and applying the charge or the legislation of generally accepted accounting principles,company laws, tax laws, and other regulations in accounting, taxation and related areas.
  20. Assisting Finance Section Manager in covering insurance by providing and preparing the necessary data/documents.
  21. Assisting Finance Section Manager in claiming insurance by coordinating the survey of trouble, and providing and preparing the necessary data/documents.
  22. Proposing the necessary changes of chart of account of the Company to keep the validity and the accuracy of bookkeeping to Finance Section Manager.
  23. Assisting Finance Section Manager in coordinating and preparing the consolidated reporting package of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
  24. Authorizing the payment to employee for medical cost reimbursement, gasoline toll, parking, and business trip expense.
  25. Authorizing other payment if Finance Director instructs to do so.
  1. Assisting Finance Section Manager in preparing operational plans and annual budget proposals for finance division.
  2. Calculating and drawing up the Company’s annual budget.
  3. Calculating the Company’s financial forecast in short-term basis and/ or middle term basis.
  4. Calculating the feasibility study and/ or cost-benefit study for proposed acquitions, investments, or the sale of assets.
General Matter
  1. Ensuring that all activities related to the function of finance division are complied with relevant Acts and legal demands and ethical standards by consulting with Authorities.
  2. Keeping Finance Section Manager fully informed of all significant matters regarding the function of finance division.
  3. Assisting Finance Section Manager in developing accounting policies and guidelines, procedures throughout the Company.
  4. Conducting the preparation of operational manual for accounting works.
  5. Proposing an effective system of the accounting works.
  6. Maintaining a professional and team like approach and relationship with other organization units in the Company.
  7. Maintaining good relationship with external parties, especially certified public accountants.
  8. Obtaining useful information from external parties.
  9. Performing personnel performance review of accounting section members.
  10. Supervising and training accounting section members.
  11. Support of Corporate Compliance socialization and implementation to subordinates base on compliance guide book, in order suitable the basic rule of Corporate Compliance Policy.
  12. Support Section Manager by intimate communication with other section in order to manage section activity smoothly.
  13. Support Section Manager to improve atmosphere and environment of work place by cooperating with related person in order to create active, bright, and discipline section.
  14. Performing other tasks as assigned by Finance Director and/or Finance manager.


  1. 1. All other division/department of the Company (including FAM)
  2. 2. Management
  3. 3. Employees
  1. MCHC (Polyester Film Department/Consolidated Report/ Internal Audit Dept/RSI)
  2. MPI (Polyester Film Department/Consolidated Report/Internal Audit)
  3. Other Shareholders
  4. Certified public Accountants
  5. Banks and/ or creditors
  6. Vendors
  7. Customers and/ or Debtors
  8. Tax advisors
  9. Legal Counsel
  10. Tax Authorities
  11. Insurance companies
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Debby Lim


Debby Lim (Consultant)

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