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(Board of Director/ C Level (CEO, COO. CFO) level)
(Non-Profit Organization/ NGO/ Social Services)
Bali, Indonesia
Sep 29, 2017 - Advertise Date
Dec 28, 2017 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our company works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Companies, cooperatives and landowners that participate in our programs meet rigorous standards that conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable livelihoods.

we believe that the key to ensuring long and healthy lives for people, for wildlife and for the planet is by establishing sustainable ways of working the land. In more than 60 countries around the world, we are collaborating with farmers, workers, business leaders, NGO's, governments, scientists and local communities to develop and implement standards that are socially and environmentally responsible, as well as economically viable.

By creatively and systematically helping to overhaul the way that crops and timber are produced and the way tourism is managed, the Rainforest Alliance, its partners and the consumers they serve are ensuring that the resources we depend on today will be here far into the future.

By connecting conservation to your life! We approval makes it easy for consumers to know they are buying a product that has been grown or made sustainably. The companies who sell these products also make sure their customers know they are good neighbors in their communities, and that they take care of their workers and protect the environment. Through collaborative partnerships with businesses, not-for-profit groups that work regionally, and international development organizations.

  1. Bachelor’s degree in natural resource or business-related field, Master’s degree preferred;
  2. Minimum 10 years of international field experience in rural economic development, small business development, and/or natural resources management, with 10 years of managerial experience; 
  3. Proven technical skills in forest and/or natural resources management at the international level; 
  4. Proven experience in developing partnerships and/or stakeholder management within private sector, government and NGOs;
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint and willingness to learn new software as necessary (e.g. Salesforce, SharePoint, administrative/budgeting software, etc.); 
  6.  Excellent writing, editing and verbal communication skills; experience in writing funding proposals, desired;
  7. Written and verbal proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia and English required;
  8. Strong organizational skills to manage multiple priorities in a time sensitive manner;   
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to interact culturally, linguistically, and diplomatically with diverse internal and external individuals;  
  10. Initiative, self-motivated, resourceful, detail-oriented, dependability, strong attention to detail;
  11. Knowledge of, and commitment to environmental issues and sustainability practices, experience in a not-for-profit and international environment preferred; and
  12. Ability to travel a minimum of 30% per year, nationally and internationally.



  1. Partnership Development: The ability to develop and maintain senior level relations, alliances and coalitions within and outside the organization and to use them in order to further the work of the organization;
  2. Accountability: being accountable and passing on accountability for one's own actions and those of colleagues and the organization;
  3. Business Orientation: The ability to recognize opportunities for new services and products and to act accordingly, taking measured risks into account;
  4. Organization Sensitivity: Showing awareness of the consequences of one’s choices, decisions and actions for parts of or the entire organization;
  5. Leadership: The ability to provide direction and guidance to a group of people and to encourage cooperation between team members in order to attain an objective; and
  6. Management: ability to establish a well-known track record of requiring employees and matrix stakeholders to adhere to high standards of performance excellence.

The Director, Indonesia, provides leadership and manages the strategic planning, fundraising and implementation of all program activities in Indonesia, which include sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture and climate projects. S/he harnesses institutional strategy to meet country needs, and leads integrated program design and implementation to high quality standards. The Director provides strategic and technical leadership, ensures overall management and fundraising (foundations, bi-lateral and multi-lateral, corporations), and builds partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, especially producers, civil society organizations, donors, corporations and national and regional governments. S/he will be responsible for representing the Rainforest Alliance and advancing efforts to work with producers, companies and individuals. S/he will also serve on the global Rainforest Alliance Management Team chaired by the Rainforest President, guiding development of the entire organization.


Leadership and Management

  1. Deliver effective and impactful implementation of Rainforest Alliance projects and programs, fostering a culture of business and project management excellence; 
  2. Align programmatic work in Indonesia/SoutheastAsia to Rainforest Alliance strategies and priorities and mission through effective change management, communication and ensuring internal collaboration;
  3. Provide day-to-day oversight of program and project management and enable structures for cross-functional and cross-project collaboration;
  4. Delegate authority to managers, ensure they are effective and supported, and ensure planned objectives are achieved and in line with budgets and related policies; 
  5. Ensure timely completion of program progress reports and annual planning; oversee planning and budgeting, reporting and contractual compliance by country programs per funders' and Rainforest Alliance requirements; 
  6. Guide, motivate, and develop personnel; including establishing a clear link for employees to see their work relating to Rainforest Alliance’s mission and strategic priorities;
  7. Identify and manage financial, legal, and technical risks and escalate issues appropriately; and
  8. Collaborate with Rainforest Alliance leadership to effectively manage crises and conflicts;

Advocacy and External Engagement

  1. Develop and maintain functional partnerships with Rainforest Alliance clients, partners, NGOs, governments and other stakeholders;build the reputation of the Rainforest Alliance in Indonesia as a credible non-governmental organization; work with partners to advocate for sustainable landscape management which further the reputation and work of Rainforest Alliance;
  2. Develop new business opportunities and grow regional income through securing Assurance, contract and certification work that is consistent with Rainforest Alliance’s strategic priorities, ensuring compliance with procedures and coordination with RA-Cert;
  3. Actively promote the use and consumption of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products in the region, in collaboration with the Markets Transformation Unit;
  4. Represent Rainforest Alliance at key events, presentations, policy forums and round tables and communicate program achievements; and
  5. Direct the strategic development of communications and/or marketing materials promoting Rainforest Alliance’s service offerings and impacts in Indonesia/SE Asia, in collaboration with the Communications-Marketing Unit

Fundraising and Business Development

  1. Develop strategies with senior managers for long-term financial stability of the regional program, including collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance Development unit and other programs to develop and secure long-term funding for programs and new projects in Indonesia/SE Asia; 
  2. Contribute to writing and budgeting of fundraising proposals; 
  3. Engage key businesses, donors, agencies and partners in order to stimulate demand for Rainforest Alliance compelling offers;
  4. Mentor staff to broaden their fundraising skills, help them manage existing fundraising relationships, cultivate new funding prospects; and
  5. Other duties as assigned.

General - Administrative

  1. Serve as Company Representative for Indonesian Foundation (“Yayasan”);
  2. Designated bank account signatory for Asia Pacific Region; ensuring compliance with policies & procedures and internal controls; and
  3. Power of Attorney for legal entity; delegated authority for executing legal documents, including taxation, on behalf of Rainforest Alliance, subject to review and approval.
Length of Experience
> 10 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Rubby Lim


Rubby Lim (Consultant)

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