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Writing A Good CV (Curriculum Vitae) Tips:

11 Dec 2012 / / Tips & Tutorial

Writing a good CV  (Curriculum Vitae) Tips:

A good CV is critical in your efforts to unlocking your chance to have interview and convince a potential employer that you are the right person for the job.

It is often impossible to include all skills or every responsibilities or achievements for every job that you’ve had in your working career; however, your CV must contain the following:

  • Employment History complete with Organizational Structure, responsibilities, and achievements.
  • Education and Qualifications including achievements, certificates or other informal educations attended.
  • Skills: Computer Skills, Language and other corporate skills
  • Personal Details



Top CV DOs:

  • Make sure your EDUCATION and WORK HISTORY are both written from the most recent to the least.
  • Concentrate on your Achievements not your Responsibilities. Typically a CV should have 10 achievements on it that cover the main successes in your career to get the reader’s attention
  • Highlight Promotions:you can Indicate different positions/ jobs at one employer in separate sub-sections
  • Include Continuing Professional Development and Training in your CV
  • Beware Grammar or Spelling Error– recheck again thoroughly.
  • Give overview on the business of all your previous employers. (2 lines is sufficient)


Top 5 CV DON’T’s:

  • Don’t squeeze all the information in one page.
  • Don’tJust list employment history without details of the content of the job
  • Don’tExpand the truth or lie in your CV
  • Don't use your current work email or phone number as contact information.
  • Don’t Leave off Dates. You must stated all the dates of your employment/ projects.