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Attire For Interview

11 Dec 2012 / / Tips & Tutorial


Attire for Interview

When you land the interview you’ve been waiting for, you may want to look good and give a good first impression and it is need a proper preparation as you prepare your CV.

Here the Tips to Write a Good CV.




  1. Long Sleeve Shirt (Light Color or white)
  2. Suit/ Blazer (Solid Color – black, navy or dark grey)
  3. Black Belt
  4. Tie
  5. Dark Socks (black, dark grey, or navy)
  6. Wear Watch and little or no jewelry
  7. Neat hairstyle (professional look)
  8. Shoe (Solid or dark color) must be polished
  9. Clean nails



  1. Suit (Solid Color)
  2. Conservative Shoe (Solid Color)
  3. Skirt should be long enough to be able to sit comfortably
  4. Add a pop of color to your outfit – a scarf or earrings; Only to complement your overall look and avoid expensive jewelry
  5. Wear Watch
  6. Light make up and perfume
  7. Professional Hairstyle
  8. Clean Nails; paint it with neutral color only


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Debby Lim