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Most Common Questions in interview?

11 Dec 2012 / / Tips & Tutorial


Most Common Questions in interview?


1.     Why do you want this job?

  • Research your prospective employer, their business and the position your are applying. Tie it with your experiences, skills and interests that lead you to apply.
  • Don’t mention for a better remuneration package or because the offer is better than your current company.
  • Don’t mention because you are referred by your friend or recruiters.



2.     Tell me about yourself?

  • Mention about relevant facts that is related to the professional world, for instance: your education history, career, achievements throughout your career and your skills
  • Keep it under 5 – 10 minutes top.
  • If you are fresh graduates, then focus on certain areas of studies that you most enjoyed and ultimately led you to his particular position.
  • Don’t give your life story here or explain everything from birth to present or your current life situation.



3.     Why should we recruit you?

  • Link it with the responsibilities or requirements in the position to your achievements and skills in your previous or current work experiences
  • State your biggest achievements and the benefit it will bring to your prospective employer



4.     What are your strengths?

This is straightforward, you can give examples of your strength and specialization in working environment that meet the requirements they required.



5.     What are your weakness?


  • This is a tricky questions; but do not venture out of the work related weakness or weakness related to personality.
  • Always give a weakness that you have a remedial measure to overcome, for example: My English speaking ability is not very fluent but I’m currently taking courses in English business conversation class.



6.     What would make you leave your current job?

  • Do not sound bitter or give any criticism or show dislike at your current job or your other last jobs but
  • Focus on how this new job will give you the opportunity to contribute more in a particular area that is your key interest for applying for this position.


7.     What do you know about our company?

You must research on the company business and what makes you interested in their company


8.     Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Only talk about goals you have that is related to the job you are applying. Your career advancement or contribution to the company.
  • Do not talk about personal matters, for instance: I want to get married in 3 years time.


9.     What is your salary expectation (What salary range are you looking for)?

  • Ask whether they have guideline salary with the job description, and if they have, you could mention this and say its around the same area you’re looking for. For instance: reading through your job advertisement you stated that the salary range is within $ and $ and it is in the range of my expectation.
  • If they do not have, you can give them some overview of salary range for the position in the market
  • Do not give any specific numbers or your expectation until you are offered the job, because it will put you in a poor position when negotiating later on.


10.     Have you got any questions?

  • Keep it brief
  • Ask only questions relating to the work, career development, training and not about holidays, salary offering, allowances and so on. All other remuneration benefits must be left until job offering and negotiation period.
  • Prepare some questions in advance.


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Debby Lim