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Frequently Asked Questions

20 Feb 2014 / / FAQ

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How do I know about your job openings?

Click here to go our Jobs page:

You can search by utilizing the search engine in the left handside.


I’d like to use RimbunJOB services (Employer)?

You can send us enquiry at:


How is your recruitment procedure?

Click here to go to our "Recruitment Procedure - Employer":


Click here to go to our "Recruitment Procedure - Jobseeker":


What are your services?

Rimbun Job Agency has 2 services: Executive Search and Psychological Assessment Services.

Click here to go to our Services Page:


Are you outsourcing Company?

No Rimbun Job Agency is not an outsourcing company. We are a headhunter or executive search firm and we usually offer permanent positions.


There are several differences that set we apart:

  • Most of the jobs we offer are essential positions in a company
  • Employment status is permanent
  • You will be employed under our Client; RimbunJOB acts only as referral
  • RimbunJOB do not charge any fee to candidates
  • RimbunJOB do not deduct candidates salary
  • Most of the position levels are senior staffs, supervisors, managers, senior managers and director level.


Do you charge your candidates?

No, we do not charge candidates anything. Rimbun Job Agency do not take commission or charge any administration fee to candidates in the hiring process up until sucess placement. FREE OF CHARGE for candidates


How do I send my resume?

You can register with us and become our member.


Advantages as Rimbun Job Agency  member:

  • You can update CV and contact consultant directly
  • You will be updated on rimbunjob job opportunities
  • You can send your CV directly to consultant in charge by click on apply job


How do I Contact You?

Click here to go to our contact page:



Debby Lim (Consultant)