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RimbunSKILL - How to Use Conflict to your Advantage

08 Apr 2014 / / Tips & Tutorial

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"It is not possible to avoid diagreement and conflict at working place. You might be tempted to view disagreements as undesirable. However, handled properly, disagreements often can lead to productive gains and unexpected solutions."


Here are some tips that might be beneficial to make sure you are still on your elements.


#1. Maintain Professionalism. Be respectful to your coworkers and pay attention to what you say. Because once spoken, words can never be taken back. Keep your emotion in check. The trick is to count to three before you answer.



#2. Pick your battles wisely. “Do not dispute things that are not important to you”.  You have to keep in mind that people are different and trying to debate on every little thing will reflect badly on you.



#3. Agree to disagree. Be open to the idea of compromise and always be ready to negotiate. Do your best to be flexible and always try to manage to come to a conclusion that satisfies both parties



#4. Ask for help. If the conflict continues to build; recruit someone in the workplace whom you respect to act as a mediator. They could be your manager or a human resource professional.




# 5. Accept and Move on Learn to expect that conflict will be part of your work life and hence don’t take it personally. After every conflict, learn to forget and move on. Try not to take someone’s conflicting opinion as a negative assessment of you as a person.


Debby Lim