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Meet Rimbun Job Agency Recruitment Consultant

06 Jun 2014 / / News

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In current business climate, whether you are employee or employer, you’d have to use headhunter to stay at the top.

The question is Why?

The answer is simple and straightforward.

For employee, headhunter can give you a wider job opportunities and keep you in the loop of the recruitment market and,

For employers, the competitive advantage of using headhunter is to give you better access to wider pools of  right candidates. We are a specialized matchmaker in job market; with us you will eliminate the hurdle of expansion because you only have mediocre candidates option at your hand.


Established in 2007, Rimbun Job Agency is now one of the strongest headhunters in Indonesia. We currently have about 50,000 candidates in our database and is still growing rapidly. Our strongest point is in our Internet database system that will enable employer, jobseekers and recruitment consultant to interact.


Please meet our Consultants:


Rubby Lim

“Do what you love every day”, is what motivate me as a headhunter, the ability to give opportunity for others to have better advancement in their career and life.  It is also a joy to work with my fellow colleagues in Rimbun Job, as we are like one big family and together we create the chances to be creative, to learn and to grow.  As a computer science graduate from RMIT University, Melbourne - Australia, I also involve heavily in the Rimbun Job’s IT development process, besides giving the recruitment solutions to clients and candidates, Rimbun Job is also equipped with web based integrated system that connect the consultants to jobseekers and companies.

I’m proud to be part of Rimbun Job Agency, one of the national headhunter company that has international standard in its quality of services and technological advancement.


Diningsih Bayu Sari

The Satisfaction that I won't trade with anything is when I successfully help people securing better opportunity that change their life through better job, career and income. Being a recruitment consultant challenges me to push myyself to do better and it gives me wide knowledge of every job functions in different industries.

"Never stop to learn and always be the best" is my motto in doing my work.

I'm an English literature graduate. After completing my degree I started my career at Templar International Consultants (executive search company from Switzerland) and afterward joined Rimbun Job Agency in 2007. I specialize in Managerial and Director level recruitment for Electrical, Manufacturing, Mining, Consumer Goods, Property and Agribusiness Sectors.


Hiro Samuel Salim

“Honesty and service oriented” is the important factor that I believe when actively communicated, would be beneficial both in work life and social life. Shortly after graduating, I started my career as Researcher in Rimbun Job Agency and was appointed to a Consultant position in 2010.

I really enjoy working as headhunter. There is this indescribable enjoyment when I am able to find highly experienced and fitted candidates for my clients, sharing new job opportunity to candidates, and learning from both sides.  I specialize at sectors: Consumer Products/FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Financial Industry, Supply Chain, Mining, Retail, and Electrical industry.

Earned my Bachelor Degree in Food Technology from University of Pelita Harapan. I also enjoy sport, travelling and love to learn new things. I speak Bahasa, English, basic Mandarin and Japanese. 


Anastasia Irawati Wibowo

Since embarking on Recruitment industry in 2012, I found my passion is in this challenging yet exciting career. Over the years I developed a strong passion in recruiter role, assisting organization in their recruitment needs through understanding its business and work culture.

By joining Rimbun Job I have the experience to handle Staffing as well as Executive Search functions; from middle to high level positions in various industries such as: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Banking, Lighting, Logistic, Property, Healthcare, Consumer Good, IT, Consultancy, etc.

I hold a Bachelor Degree of Horticulture from InHolland University Delft, the Netherlands. I am fluent in English and native in Bahasa. Being a dynamic person, I am able to adapt to different working environment and culture with ease. I have high expectations on my work performance and personal achievements.


Baron Yudha Vally

Being consultant means I have to be energetic, dynamic, and pay attention to details. I love my career in HR and proud to be a young consultant that can even make business gets better.

This job has let me interact with a lot of people and I always learn new things every day. I find happiness in delivering a better future to others and it’s been my lifetime passion ever since I finished my study in HR Management. I believe good people should be actively chased over, and this is where we do things, which most corporate can’t.


Natasya Desita Amanda

A Cum Laude graduate of Al Azhar University Indonesia, Majoring in Public Relations. I entered the field of Recruitment as Headhunter specializing in handling volume recruitment and utilization of targeted selection methodologies in different domains such as Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Properties, Electrical Industry, Hotel and Hospitality and many more, from middle to high level position for both local and international searches.

I’m excellent at maintaining company and jobseeker relationship, meeting strict deadlines, and delivering quality – driven business results. These traits are acknowledged by both rimbun job agency’s clients and candidates with repeated references of  the same top qualities : personable, high integrity, expert and results driven.

My goal is to match people 100 % from both sides. I only want great people for great companies, who feel great and will leave a great mark behind.


Debby Lim

My Working Motto is “ Work Hard and Be Nice to People”. I really love my work as a recruiter. I started working in Rimbun job agency as researcher and am now one of the senior consultants.

I’m very thankful that with my degree in finance that I earned from Monash University, I’m equipped with the knowledge to do recruitment in financial industry. I specialize on financial market, consumer goods and manufacturing company.


Debby Lim