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RimbunPROFILE - Yenny Lioe (Compliance Manager)

23 Sep 2014 / / News

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Early this August 2014, we are fortunate to have Ms Yenny Lioe sit down to discuss with us her journey of working in the accounting field and share some of her wisdom.

Ms Yenny Lioe started her career in Ernst and Young as junior auditor and later joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2004. Her last position in PwC was as Assurance Senior Associate Level 2 and then she was trusted to lead a team of accountants in one of the biggest Agriculture Company from Swiss. Her last position was as Compliance Manager helping to make sure the compliance of Indonesia branch to the company headquarter in Swiss.


What do you like most from your job in accounting division?

I like analyzing numbers from childhood and mathematics was my favorite subject.

Accounting keep record of financial statement and this is important in order to have a good sense on the actual activities and performance of company. Other than that,  accounting is also a powerful tool to help company in planning, budgeting and I believe a deep analyzing of financial statement will help management in better decision-making.


We see that your initial work was as auditor and then you took the role as accounting manager and then compliance? How do they differ?

At the time when I was a fresh graduate, the “it” favourite job in market was to be an auditor, especially if we could join one of The Big 5 Public Accounting firm, and I chose to follow on that step and I do not regret it.


As auditor, I learned different financial statement, business transactions and management control environment from companies with different industrial background.

It needs a special technique for a good audit:

  1. Technical skill which required you to learn and research more, and also
  2. Good Interpersonal skill. Keeping a good communication with people you audited will ensure a better and more useful information. It is not only from accounting department but other divisions in the company as well (such as marketing, payroll, business, and top level management)
  3. Data management to support fieldwork.




"The Perk as an auditor is to have a greater access in obtaining information from the audited companies but Auditing job is very time consuming, downsides, and working overtime is a regular occurrence."


"My learning curve as an auditor was becoming a stronger person in every aspect. High frequency of Travelling was required and the readiness of any assignment given is a must."





I took a challenge by taking a new role as chief accountant in one of a Multinational Global Swiss company. Equipped With my experiences and knowledge gained from my work as an auditor, the transition to accountant job was very smooth.


Working in the same company for several years, I was entrusted to run for a new role as compliance manager. I love this role the most. Because Apart from the similarity with auditor’s role, In this new role I was needed to ensure the SOX & compliance implementation in the country and initiated the enhancement policy and procedures to strengthen the control and compliance and I got chance to perform SOX testing controls in Japan and Singapore to help Regional compliance in performing their testing. Also working together to support the Internal Audit visit from Headquarter and ensuring the remediation works well.


What is the most challenging part from your career thus far?

I cannot recall any challenging part in my career.

There was nothing in my prior position that I found overly difficult; I like challenges and I enjoyed the variation in my career and I always believe that it will lead me to become a better person.


Perhaps you can share with us, what is the most sought out attitude in the accounting/ finance specialization from the company point of view?

The ability to approach and communicating with people from the same or different divisions, a good character, strong integrity, ability to work with the deadline, strong commitment to delivering the assigned tasks, walk the talk and become the role model.


As manager, what is your advise to managing your downline and how do you manage your relationship with supervisor?

In managing subordinates we need to listen to them by giving a guide. Show them that we are doing our part (as a role model), walk the talk, and I believe your subodrinates will do their best to be on par with you and that always lead to a task completion and earned respect.


Managing relationship with supervisor is important. I usually took initiative to always keep them in the loop of every activities and giving report on a timely basis. Never hesitate to ask questions and guidance if needed and Try to communicate and have an open discussion.

I believe that being PROACTIVE in a positive way is the key to a successful working relationship.


Personal Questions: For you to achieve the current success, there is a time when you have to face ups and down. We would like to know what do you think of failure and how do you maintain your motivation to keep moving and improving yourself?

I think Failure is when we fail to do what we want or desire and killing it without even trying because once we decided to do just that, then It will become the most regretful moment in our life.


Success is the opposite of failures itself, meaning you always try to do what your heart desire and always keep a positive thinking about life, other human beings and yourself.

We need to always learn from other people, acknowledgeing that I know little and I humbly learn and listen from other perspectives. Be selective but always open to new and different perspectives.


I also believe in the need to choose a positive relationship/community that can help us and motivate us when we are down and also believe the best is yet to come and God is good all the time.





Debby Lim