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Panti Asuhan Taman Fioreti

11 Mar 2015 / / News

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RimbunHope visited Panti Asuhan Taman Fioreti this month and would like to share with you Sister Juliana and Sister Riani social services to Indonesian children.


Currently Taman Fioreti is caring for about 70 children ranging from age 3 months to 18 years old. But the age average is at 6 – 10 years old.


Sister Juliana started her social work with street children in Jakarta. She worked with them, learned their habit and slowly took some of them under her care.

She initially started a shelter house with the purpose of giving a place for these street children to stay at night and gradually with the support from govenrment, Catholic Church, she is able to start Taman Fioreti.


Together with Sister Riyani, They started to take in abandoned children and street children.

Their vision is to equip these children with knowledge and skills that will enable them to be self-sufficient when they grow up. She hope and dream that they are able to blend in the society and be proud of themselves regadless of a rather unfortunate start.


To make sure it is achievable, all the children in Taman Fioreti are all schooled at reputable institute and are taught discipline.


They welcome all the support needed to make their dream for the children come true.


We encourage you to contact Sister Juliana and Sister Riani and share your love and hope.


Panti Asuhan Taman Fioreti

Jl. Raya Kampung Sawah, Gg. Pos Rt. 07/01 No. 14

Jatimurni – Pondok Melati, Bekasi 17415

Phone: +6221 – 68366548/ 71355174/ 8450269/ 081314696617

Pin BB: 2AEC7F05


instagram: @rimbunhope


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