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Morning Talk Show with Rimbun Job Agency (MNC News)

31 Aug 2015 / / News

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Rimbun job agency was invited on 29th June 2015 to share our story with Indonesian public in MNC news “ Morning Talk” session.


Our BDM (Diningsih Bayu Sari) and Senior Consultant (Anastasia Irawati) attended the interview.


Topics include:

  1. What is a headhunter company 
  2. Educating the public on the difference between headhunter and outsourcing company.
  3. The standard recruitment procedure with headhunter and rimbunjob
  4. The type of companies that usually engage headhunter in indonesia 
  5. Tips for you to be the top candidate from headhunter
  6. History of Rimbun Job agency and how Rimbun job agency would help company in their recruitment process and jobseeker in finding better opportunities
  7. And many more


Please tune in and watch the interview session.


Debby Lim