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29 Jul 2016 / / News

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Because the smallest and simplest continued act of kindness shall eventually form the greatest change the world needs 



Continuing our journey of love, on these occasions, we visited our brothers and sisters in the orphanage house. We arrived at the orphanage and nursing home of Shekinah Glory, located at Jl. Dead end, Kp. Ciater RT 02 RW 01 Kel. Rawa Mekar Jaya district. Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten and were greeted by cheerful younger siblings and Oma-Opa.


They shared about their daily activities, showed us their rooms, and we sang and joked together. Oma, Opa and sisters would hug us and jokingly show us how pleased they were on our visit. We felt a great joy with their enthusiasm and their love of life.


From the orphanage house, we continued our trip to a less fortunate and in the course of our search, we found a place that we would never imagine existed. There it was in the middle of Cemetery Tanah Go Tjap and  Garbage dump, we found houses with about 100 households. At first, there were resistance and a sense of anxiety from approaching them but despite our hesitancy at first, they greeted us with kindness and enthusiasm.

We blended with the senior citizens, children and even some animals in the area and immediately the feeling of fear and misgivings were gone, and all we felt was joy and happiness.


With these activities, we would like to encourage all of you to walk hand in hand and visit places and share your blessings with our brothers and sisters who are in need.


Contact Person in Shekinah Glory Orphanage: Erik: +6282124021531 (WhatsApp) / +628179933312 - Hana: +628121867277 (WhatsApp) - Ayen: +6221-34609906


Or  you can also contact our good friends who have dedicated their life to helping those in needs: Maria (+6285697736129) and Nofrin



Debby Lim