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How Work-Life Balance consumes the Millenials

21 Oct 2016 / / Tips & Tutorial

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Nowadays, the notion of ‘work-life balance’ gets so popular among the working class millennials. The idea is that you spend some time off work, spend all of your annual paid leave days just to escape from and forget about work for awhile.

In Indonesia, balancing work and personal life often means going on a trip or travelling to famous local places or even abroad.  Travelling becomes a popular hobby a lot of Indonesians have nowadays with the excuse of ‘work-life balance’ itself.

The importance of being away from work to travel is now recognised by the masses. Not only employees are aware of it but more employers have also started to encourage their employees to take leave to travel.

As claimed by a lot of people and mainstream media, travelling keeps us content and freshens our mind and soul. Raj Narayanaswamy, a co-founder and co-CEO of Replicon said that rejuvenated, energized employees are productive employees. It is indeed something beneficial for both employers and employees to have that can be attained by travelling.

Whilst travelling is a positive thing to do to spend your paid leave on, we should all be aware that maintaining work-life balance may also cause you negative effects.


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It is undeniable that travelling might be costly. It even might take all of your savings that you have been saving up for years just to fund your one or two weeks trip. Whilst some people do not mind spending all of their money on travelling and others might say that money can always be made, let’s not forget that we might have that long-term goal that we want to accomplish. Be it buying a new car or a new house, going on pilgrimage, holding wedding ceremony, anything that might require our savings to make it real. You will never make your long-term goal come true if you keep spending your money in the effort of balancing your work and personal life; unless you have allocated some of your money for the purpose of travelling. You might want to think twice of spending a big amount of your money on travelling.

The fact that work-life balance has become a goal of many working-class millennials has actually shifted to be a cliche excuse of a fairly invisible competition amongst the working-class millennials. When other people post their travelling-and-away-from-work pictures or selfies to their social media, it might trigger us to do the same thing. Suddenly we feel jealous and have the urge to travel to be able to post our travelling pictures to our social media, suddenly we feel insecure about what we post, whether they are cool enough or not and suddenly we end up spending so much time taking pictures whilst travelling instead of enjoying the sights -- all for the sake of being socially accepted under the claim of ‘work-life balance adherent.’ If you think about it, this urgency of posting to your social media, with no doubts, unconciously makes you ‘work’ during your days off from your ‘real work’ hence resulting in a more imbalanced life.

And when we finally gain a recognition from our social media friends, we eventually become attached to it. Maintaining work-life balance will seem to be rather impossible as you dwell and are drowned on thoughts of where will you go to for another trip. You will long for another year of full paid leave whilst work will seem something miserable for you to do in order to ironically escape it, you will eventually lose your excitement to go to work and even far-off worse, you might end up hating your job, making ‘work-life balance will just be another notion you cannot wholly attain. 

In the end, the notion ‘work-life balance’ surely has both positive and negative sides. However, let yourself take a full control over this notion you look up to to avoid the negative sides.


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Debby Lim