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Here is for when you lose your motivation to work

28 Nov 2016 / / Tips & Tutorial

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Remember the time when you got the job you’ve always wanted? Or how you successfully moved to that dream company you aspired to be? Remember all the excitement and happiness you felt the day you got your acceptance letter? How is it going so far with your job?


We all have been in the situation when work seems so boring and we just want to escape from it. When it does not seem fun anymore and you feel like you have to go to work every day just to pay bills. We bet 99%  percent of us have been through this situation at least once.


And sometimes, even when you already have a decent job and a nice workplace, you would still question yourself, ‘what am I doing with my life?’. While it is considered common for us, especially young millennials to feel unsure of our career path and what we are doing with our job, quitting your job is definitely not an option to choose for when you are bored with your work.


According to the data presented by Statistics Indonesia, as written by Trading Economics (, the unemployment rate in Indonesia averaged 6.14 percent from 1982 until 2015. The percentage represents a total of 7,454,770 unemployed people in Indonesia. With the high unemployment rate in Indonesia, being off the list of those seven million unemployed people is good enough as some people would say.


However, feeling bored with your work is sometimes unavoidable. Constantly doing the same things over and over again every day might eventually stress us out and affect our performance and productivity at work.


Here are three things that could help you rid of boredom:


1. Take leave

Fortunately, employees in Indonesia are entitled to have paid leave ranging from 12-18 days yearly. If your job bores and stresses you out, take some days off.

You can do your hobby while taking your days off, be it travelling, shopping, reading books or just hanging out with your families or catching up with old friends. Avoid doing the same routine you do daily during your days off. Taking some days off has been proven to freshen up your mind and help you be more energised and productive for when you are back to work.


2. Rearrange your desk at work

You might spend all day sitting at your desk and do your job. How is the view of your desk? If your desk is full of piles of papers and pretty much disorganised, it would psychologically stress you out too. Start rearranging your desk, making a few changes of your desk arrangement would actually help loosen up the tense you have whenever you see stacks of papers on your desk. When everything is tidy and placed at its own place, you will grow the sense of starting over and gain the spirit to work that is good for when you have been bored at work.


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3. Volunteer or Do Charity Work

Old people would say that in order to be successful in life, we must always ‘look up’ to see and do what successful people do. However, when you are in the situation of not enjoying what you do at the moment, look down. Take some time to volunteer or do charity work in your city. It could be done by voluntarily teaching unfortunate children or distributing food to those in need. Looking at how small things can bring so much joy and happiness into someone’s life, you will be able to see your life in a bigger frame and realise that sometimes we easily take things for granted. We often forget to appreciate the simple idea of ‘having a job’ when millions of people would die to be in our position. This activity will help you gain back your motivation to work and eradicate the thoughts of leaving your job just because you feel bored.


In the end, losing motivation and feeling bored with your work is understandable. You are not the only person experiencing it. However, as an adult with responsibilites and a professional, you do not escape your job by quitting, you solve your own problems and motivate yourself with your own ways to make your job be a little more bearable and worthwhile once again.


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Debby Lim