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Type of Colleagues and How to deal with them

04 Jan 2017 / / Tips & Tutorial

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Workplace is probably one of the best places where we can meet all kinds of people with different personalities. No matter where we work at and how many organisations we have worked with, it is undoubtedly true that sometimes we meet people with similar personalities. Some people you meet at workplace are like blessings; you are glad and feeling lucky that you work with them, some are like a cursing; you wish you never have to work with them and you even wonder why people like them existed in the first place, and the rest are just a bunch of people who casually appear in your life but are not actually close enough to make any significant impact on your life.


Here are the specific types of people you will likely meet at work and how to deal with them:


The BFF (Best-Friend-Forever)

They are your ultimate support system at work. They support you, listen to your ideas and opinions, back you up when you are not around. You are not only close to them during office hour, but you also spend time with them together during the weekend or days off

How to deal with them: Embrace your friendship with them. They are the ones who understand you just as much as your long-term best friends would. They help you grow your potentials and expand your networking at work. Even when you no longer work in the same company with them, you’ll still be able to maintain your friendship with them.


The Gossip

They know everything that happens in your office. From office romance, your colleague’s eating disorder, that new employee’s family’s issue, new management decrees to pink slips. If they are not on their desk, they are likely to be spotted in the toilet, the pantry or at the corner of the room.

How to deal with them: Be careful not to get involved in their activities (other than those related to work, of course). However, always keep your ear to the ground. Sometimes, they might also have important news that you will need to know. Know your position, be friends with them, but try not to be really close to them so that when you are the object of their gossip, you will not be afraid to confront them.


The Know-It-All

These are the types of people who are always there when someone has a question about practically everything. They are always excited and happy to answer everyone’s questions even when you know they do not have the capability nor experiences to answer some particular questions. Even when they do not really know the answer to a question, they will act like they do know about it.

How to deal with them: When you find something that you do not understand, do not be so quick to give up that you unconsciously whine. We guarantee they will be the first to respond to your whining and put you in a long and frustrating listening mode. Instead, when you are really stuck and cannot find a way to solve your problem, go see a person you trust to have more understanding about your problem.


The Bossy

We all know that one colleague who is so bossy that no one actually really likes this person because of his/her attitude. They order their colleagues to do things that are not their responsibilities. And even when one complains about their bossy attitude, they will have their own defence.

How to deal with them: Show your dignity so that they know their place. Do not get too close to them as these types of people will think you are under their control once you let them get close to you. It is only acceptable for you to take orders from you direct superiors but if the bossy colleagues are at the same level with you, remind them of their position by refusing to take their orders politely and suggesting they should do it themselves.


The Slacker

They are the ones who always seem to be on their computer screen yet get nothing done all day. If you look into their computer screen, what you will surely see is tabs of online shopping websites, social media platforms, but nothing is really about work. They hand their tasks to someone else, either to the poor interns or the newbies and suddenly act busy when the boss walks by their desks.

How to deal with them: Sometimes ignorance is a bliss, especially when it comes to this kind of people. If you have to work together with them and their working attitude is a concern for you, speak up and tell them that it affects your performance and it bugs you off. Ask and discuss how you could cooperate better with them by sharing the workloads.


The Whiner

They are the ones who always whine and complain about work. You will find them whining about the smallest and simplest things at work that are not even important. Their negativity will suck up your positivity and they might actually drain you from hearing their endless whines.

How to deal with them: There is really nothing you can do but to stay away from them and focus on your work instead. Do not instantly nod to their whines as they might see it as an approval to listen to their whines.


The High-Achiever

These are the people you admire because of how they do their job at work. They are ambitious and perfectionist. They seem to always get everything done before anyone else. They set clear expectations and aspirations. They are not associated with the slackers and their willingness to take up other duties that are not assigned to them is exemplary.

How to deal with them: They are the people you should surround yourself with. Their pace, competitive trait and ambitions will challenge you to do better at work. They will motivate you to learn and aspire you to be better than them.


The Comedian

The office seems to be a quiet place without them. Everyone loves to be around them simply because they bring laughter into the office. They goof off all day to entertain everyone and they are always seen laughing, if not smiling.

How to deal with them: Stick around with them for a good laugh especially when work seems to be stressing you out. As long as their jokes are still moderate (not the sexual, racial or offensive types of jokes), you can always enjoy your work day with them.


These types of colleagues are only a few of what we have probably encountered at our office. After all, work life would not be so exciting and colourful without each one of them. Learn your colleague’s personalities and how to deal with them to achieve a better workplace in which you could grow your potentials while maintaining a healthy working relationship with your colleagues.


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