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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

10 Mar 2017 / / Tips & Tutorial

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Having a LinkedIn profile nowadays is very important when you are doing business or seeking to improve your career path or to be in contact with prospective employers. LinkedIn can be used as a personal branding tool to find potential clients or employers. Millions of people have been using LinkedIn for various purposes. Whatever your purpose of using LinkedIn is, there might be thousands of people who hold a similar position with yours. So, what makes your profile stands out amongst them?


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Find out how you can improve your LinkedIn profile by following these tips:


1. Professional Photo

Use a professional photo that shows your face clearly. Your profile is most likely to be found when you put your own professional photo. While it might be tempting, avoid putting selfies on your LinkedIn profile as you may appear unprofessional.


2. Contact Info

Add your professional email address and your company’s website to your contact info. Adding your social media account is not necessary especially if it is very personal (and especially if you happen to ever mock or talk bad things about your past or current employers or colleagues)


3. Summary

This is the most important section in your profile. Writing it can be tricky, but leaving it blank is definitely not an option. Some people prefer to write their summaries in third person. While it is not wrong, it is best to write your first summary in first person to keep it human.


Include your greatest accomplishments, describe what you do using attractive adjectives and what you do BETTER that sets you apart from people with the same positions, include your specialties by adding keywords so that people do not have to skim over your summary. Also, add media to your profile to make it look more attractive. You may add videos or presentations of projects that you have done to have your LinkedIn viewers understand better your area of expertise.


Lastly, remember to keep it short (there is a reason why it is called a summary). Try to write your personal summary in less than 1000 words.


4. Work Experiences

It is also important to list all of the positions you have held from the past until the current one. When you list all your work experiences, do not forget to also list down each of the job responsibilities you have held. This is important so that people could see what is the actual job that you do.


5. Skills & Expertise

This is one of the most interesting things that we could find on LinkedIn. You have to put your skills and expertise in your profile and ask your friends or colleagues to endorse you. Some people do take the number of your skills endorsed very seriously. Of course, a profile with sufficient endorsements looks more promising than a profile who does not even list skills and area of expertise.


6. Recommendations

When prospective clients or employers look at one’s LinkedIn profile, they are more likely to scroll down to the recommendations section. While having a lot of recommendations could make your profile stand out, it is actually not really helpful especially when all of them come from your peers or colleagues. Recommendations should be genuine and best provided by unbiased and objective contacts, ideally by clients who have used your services or actual managers who you have worked for.


We come across a lot of profiles who have heaps of recommendations provided by friends, peers and even family, and it acuually merely undermines the whole point of recommendations.  When it becomes obvious that the recommendations or endorsements are exchanged between friends or family, it dilutes the purity of the act. Hence, making them all pointless.


In the end, LinkedIn profile is the most powerful personal digital branding tool that can help you land a better job or get prospective clients. Invest your time to create a good LinkedIn profile and see how it could help you gain more connections.


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Debby Lim