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8 Traits That Will Get You Hired

08 Jul 2018 / / Tips & Tutorial

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When conducting an interview with a prospective employer, almost every one of us understands that it would take relevant skills, academic background, and or solid work experiences in the related field to sell ourselves to the hiring managers in order for us to get the position that we are applying for.

However, do we really have the personalities these hiring companies are looking for? It is no doubt that companies always look for candidates who are not only proficient in a particular function but also have the right personalities that fit with the company’s cultures.

While each one of us may seem to have different personalities (thus, that is what makes us unique), the best candidates who usually get hired tend to share some very important traits in common.

Here are the top eight traits that will get you hired:


1. Confident
Confident is the best outfit any person can wear. However, appearing confident during a job interview can be difficult sometimes especially when you are nervous. When presenting yourself, be bold enough to sell yourself by highlighting your accomplishments and best traits that you could offer to the company. List down any kind of activities you have done that required your confidence to do it (i.e. speaking in public on behalf of your former company or being assigned to do a presentation in front of Board of Directors). Make sure you have researched about the company and the position you are applying for, so that you may appear confident and also informed.


2. Ambitious
Ambitious employees are the best employees. They strive for perfection, and if not, progress. They are not afraid to fail because when they do, they will get back up. Ambitious employees continually drive towards success and are never satisfied with what they have gotten. They always look for more, making a company more competitive place for other employees to do better.


3. Goal-oriented
When recruiting, employers are always on the look for candidates who are goal-oriented or the people who would work hard to achieve their own personal and company’s goals while still finding an amusement in doing their jobs. Apparently, this is a personality that most employers seek out in prospective candidates simply because their company’s missions and goals can only be achieved with the help of employees who could understand and be willing to reach the ultimate goals.


4. Team-player
Being a team-player is one of the most important traits that you should have when looking for a job. Companies tend to look for candidates who can cooperate with other employees, ones who would be willing to listen and do anything their manager or team leaders say and ones who are willing to engage with others to share some ideas or solve problems together.


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5. Hard-working
This is the most cliche trait that we all understand the importance of being one. Hard-working people are always productive and constantly looking for the best solutions to the problems they have. They do not procrastinate their work and are always on time to submit their work when given deadlines. They are reliable when it comes to solving problems and their nature also brings a positive impact to their surroundings, making everyone feel bad to laze around.


6. Passionate
A passionate employee is a valuable asset that a company could have. While most people work for money, passionate employees work because they enjoy doing it as much as they enjoy getting the rewards from what they do. They will not complain about what they do wrong and instead, they will feel intrigued to find the solution and do better. With passion poured into their job, they will be able to balance their work and personal lives.


7. Resilient
Resilient employees are the real fighters of a company. They may fail seven times, but they will get up eight times. They are fearless and not afraid of hurdles that could block their path to success. They are also optimistic and tend to look at things in a positive way.


8. Cheerful
Hiring managers tend to seek out applicants who seem cheerful and friendly. This trait may not seem important but it could actually affect employees’ performances at work. Cheerful employees will not get dragged into misery whenever they face problems at work. They also will not dwell on their problem and look depressed because of it. When hiring managers recognise you as a cheerful candidate, you are likely to be shortlisted and hired for the position you are applying for because you are seen capable to fit in with the company’s culture.

Finally, the one thing that we should all note is that personality traits cannot be seen based on our resumes alone. Hiring managers should meet and talk with us to determine what kind of person we are. When we are given a chance to meet our prospective employees, highlighting what is written on our resumes is important and the way we talk and highlight our skills and experiences will be how the hiring managers judge and define us.

However, even though these traits are important to have, do not forget to always be yourself. Bring your skills to their table and show them the best traits you have that you could offer to them.



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Debby Lim