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(General Manager level)
(Manufacturing/ Production)
Tangerang, Indonesia
Jul 23, 2018 - Advertise Date
Oct 21, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our client company is established in 1980, it prides itself as the first and largest cell-cast acrylic sheet manufacturer in Indonesia. With more than 20 years experience, we have continuously trained our personnel in technologies and techniques. Our production facilities have been upgraded and expanded, to cope with growing market demand. We strive to be recognized as a premier acrylic sheet manufacturer by our global customers. We are achieving this objective by creating strong partnerships with each of our customers and focusing on high-quality service and world-class quality. Our commitment to developing our human resources has assured a level of service that reflects our company philosophy: &*kres*034;Understanding and fulfilling your needs make us a better company&*kres*034;. Strong commitment to these values enabled us to build strong export markets. Exports started in 1994, and have been growing significantly for the past five years.

  1. Industry Experience : Must be from manufacturing company, Preferred background experience in polymer, plastic materials (film, sheet) &/or industrial materials (ceramic tiles, coatings, glassware, parquet, chemicals, etc.), FMCG (household), tyre, painting, type of industry. 
  2. Exposed to high standard of Manufacturing Excellence (quality, safety, efficiency)
  3. High number of active SKUs (about 1000)
  4. Privately owned and managed company (local or foreign)
  5. At least medium size companies with manufacturing bases in Asia/Indonesia
  6. Company size about the same as the company in Bitung: 300 - 500 employees, and revenue +/- IDR 1 Trillion
  7. Some years of experience working for global MNCs is an added advantage
  8. Experience and knowledgeable in leading and driving cross functional monthly S&OP meetings
  9. Experience in making timely and appropriate decisions and resolutions for operations based on different scenario of demand/supply balance
  10. Strong in operations (supply chain – planning, warehouse, local delivery and distribution, logistics, manufacturing and converting)
  11. Experience is working in a matrix organization
  12. Experience in leading and managing and have implemented operations related initiatives or programs, e.g. 5-S, QIP,  ISO (>9001), Safety, WHM and in and outbound logistics
  13. International supply chain experience (end-to-end from international sourcing and procurement, warehouse and outbound logistic to international destinations)
  14. Experience in change management in relation to organizational structure and core process’ changes
  15. Experience in executing new company’s directions and strategy impacting to core process re-engineering, process changes, change management in people’s role and responsibilities and organizational change.
  16. Experience in leading and managing improvement projects in overall operations and supply chain, i.e. overall cost control and reduction
  17. Used to work long hours and occasionally working on Saturday due to 24/7 plant’s operation
  18. Proven experience and leadership in driving, coaching and managing diverse teams (functional, people, background, etc.)
  19. Proven experience in influencing and managing cross-functional teams, planning & execution and managing teams’ conflicts
  20. Strong command of English and Bahasa Indonesia (both written & spoken)
  21. Age : Early to late 40s (ideally is between 42-47)
  22. Minimum 20 years working experience, 5 years as General Manager/ Operations Director, Semi-finished industrial materials/products or FMCG (house hold) industry
  23. S1 - Engineering, Material Science or Chemical engineering, MBA, Foreign graduate
  24. Expected to work beyond normal office hours
  25. Experience & comfortable working directly with hands-on & involved CEO/owner of the company
  26. Comfortable working in less-structured organization(compared to MNCs), quick to adapt and willingness to learn new things
  27. Being hands-on
  28. Strong in problem solving and decision making
  29. Strong business acumen in relation to operation and supply chain
  30. Must match to Astari Values: Agile, Sustainable, Transparent, Accountable, Resilience &Improve Continuously.

Lead and manage end-to-end Operations and Supply Chain, material and finish good inventory management, manufacturing and warehouse operations and logistics/delivery to nationwide destinations

Responsibilities :
  1. Lead and manage :
  1. Cross functional monthly S&OP and make timely and appropriate decisions and resolutions for overall Operations based on different scenario of demand/supply balance
  2. Plant operations
  3. 50% export and 50% domestic  sales
  4. Center of Manufacturing Excellence consisting of Quality Assurance, Engineering, Technical and R&D at Bitung Plant.
  1. Ensure manufacturing excellence to be globally competitive
  2. Fulfill both Indonesia and international sales order timely and as promised, and ensure high integrity and reliability in supply to all customers
  3. Maintain high quality, continuous R&D and new product development
  4. Lead and drive company’s strategy execution including reengineering of core process, organization structure changes, people’s role and responsibilities; including implementation of new organization
  5. Lead and drive organization and people development
  6. Lead and manage capacity expansion / new plant operations within expected time line and budget
  7. Establish, drive and implement Safety best practices according to international standard
Length of Experience
2 - 4 years
Employment Type
Work Location
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Reporting To
COO (Chief Operations Officer)
Rubby Lim


Rubby Lim (Consultant)

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