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(Assistant Manager level)
(Computer Software/ IT)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Jul 18, 2018 - Advertise Date
Oct 16, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

"Gotong Royong" is what our parents used to teach us
It means to work with our neighbors and friends to achieve a difficult goal. We used to live like this when we don't have the convenience of today's technologies. As our nation progress, new online technologies started to spring up at our developing nation. The rise of online marketplaces, means that shopping can be done at home at speed of a click and ride hailing app also means ordering an ojek or food is just a tap and another. Life is easier, faster and more convenient with these technologies, and yet these progress may comes at a price.
The rise of these technology means we now we have the power to order an underclass citizen who will do our bidding from the power of click. Often through hard work in order to please us for the 5 stars, because less than a perfect score means their way of earning could be jeopardized. If uncheck, these power may corrupt us to demand a perfect service with less compassion and empathy to those serving us. At tebengan, our aspiration is simple, we want to encourage a culture of sharing instead of serving.
Share your ride, share your story
Tebengan is a word borrowed from "Nebeng" which mean to offer an available seat in our transport to someone who is going on our way. It is not a new concept, in fact ride sharing is a very old idea and has been in existent since the birth of car century ago. As our nation digital infrastructure progresses, we hope to design and build a technology-based information exchange site which empower people to connect,exchange and share their resources to ride together.
The technology too is not new, in facts some countries have efficiently implemented them and inspire a new "sharing and traveling" culture . We too aspire to have this "sharing" culture here in our unique kind of way and hope it too can nudge us to share our resources to ride together. Who knows, it may empower us to explore cities and villages we never been, meet kind strangers who share the same passion as us or even visit our hometown more often. Now we can only dream, but we are determined to give our all for this cause. Should our stories resonate with you, why not share your stories and aspiration with us and help build tebengan together.


1. Engineering Manager

2. 4+ years of relevant engineering work experience and 2+ hands-on technical management experience

3. Good JavaScript coding abilities and experience with architectural patterns of large, high-scale applications

5. Track record with HR in recruitment  to build incredible engineering teams

6. Actively coached and mentored team members in their careers

7. Work with PM to Organize Weekly scrum, track and audit progress.

8. Been actively involved in setting product strategy

9. Review Code and actively promote refactoring code for re-usability and literacy.

10.Independently started self-sustaining teams

11.Consistently made culture sensitive choices that positively impact all of engineering

12. Shipped several  projects with multiple dependencies across teams

13. Stack we use include Reactjs, Nodejs, Ejabberd(XMPP), Loopback, Graphql, Hyperledger, Swift, Java



Length of Experience
6 - 8 years
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Work Location
Banten, Indonesia
Reporting To
Adam  Tirta


Adam Tirta (Consultant)

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