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(Head of Division/ Chief level)
(Manufacturing/ Production)
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Aug 06, 2018 - Advertise Date
Nov 04, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our client is a leading packaging paper manufacturer in Indonesia

  1. Male 40+ years old
  2. Fluent English
  3. University degree probably with focus on Safety, Engineering, or related technical field
  4. Relevant professional experience in HSE management in manufacturing
  5. Ability to interact at client and senior management level and represent the company externally with government and other 3rd parties
  6. Demonstrable leadership capability to manage his team
  7. Proven results and track record of driving change in challenging circumstances
  8. Strong evidence of project management capability
  9. Ability to provide guidance, assistance and advice through interpretation of HSE practices and procedures
  10. Energetic, resourceful, adaptable and dynamic
  11. Strong interpersonal, communication and relationship management skills
  12. Well organised and highly disciplined person able to set priorities and stick to deadlines
  13. Excellent attention to details
  14. Excellent safety and quality awareness
  15. Strong social responsibility awareness and consciousness
  1. Ensure a safe workplace environment without risk to health and safety.
  2. Ensure that all Health, Safety & Environment policies, procedures, rules and regulations are adhered to and are regularly reviewed, updated and communicated.
  3. Ensure the Company meets its statutory obligations in all areas pertaining to health, safety and welfare at work, including statutory training and reporting.
  4. Ensure the completion and regular review of risk assessments for all work equipment and operations.
  5. Ensure that all accidents are documented, investigated and recommended improvements implemented.
  6. Ensure that safety inspections are carried out, fire drills and fire alarms are correctly reported, safety inspections, risk assessments and lone working procedures are managed and employees are aware of their responsibilities.
  7. Co-ordinate the development and implementation of health, safety, environment policies, systems of work and procedures.
  8. Ensure full and accurate health and safety and training records are maintained.
  9. Ensure full compliance for health, safety and environment to the prevailing laws, rules and regulations
  10. Establish a full programme of documented health, safety & environment inspections, audits and checks.
  11. Establish a structured programme of health & safety training throughout the Company.
  12. Liaise with external health & safety consultants in the provision of training programmes and health and safety services.
  13. Manage and devise the agenda for, chair and formulate & distribute minutes for the Health & Safety meetings. Ensure that all agreed action points are completed within deadlines.
  14. Carrying out environmental impact assessments to identify, assess and reduce environmental risks and financial costs
  15. Keep up to date with all aspects of relevant health, safety & welfare at work legislation and communicate relevant changes to the business.
  16. Provide regular reports to the Human Resources Manager, Board of Directors/Senior Management Team on relevant health and safety activities.
Length of Experience
6 - 8 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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