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(Manager level)
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DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Sep 10, 2018 - Advertise Date
Dec 09, 2018 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our Company is a Japanese-Joint Venture Company located in DEPOK. We have been operated for more than 40 years in Indonesia; producing water-cooled diesel engine ranged 5-30 HP and distributor of Big Agriculture Machineries,Construction, and Industries.




About Yanmar

  • Yanmar is well known Japanese company with US$6.5billion in revenue, US$400 million in PTI and 20,000 employees globally.
  • Yanmar was established 100 years ago. The core business is compact diesel engine and its related machineries, such as agricultural equipment, fisherman/pleasure boat engine, construction equipment, etc.
  • Yanmar has 7 business units, i.e. agriculture equipment, small diesel engine, large diesel engine, construction equipment, marine engine, energy systems and component supply.
  • Yanmar has 4 business regions, outside Japan, i.e. Europe, Americas, Asia and China. Yanmar wants to be more globalized enterprise toward total US$ 10 billion in revenue. Current annual revenue outside Japan is 38%. Yanmar sets a target to have 60+% from overseas while achieving US$ 10 billion in revenue.


About Yanmar?Diesel Indonesia (YADIN)

  • YADIN has been in business in Indonesia more than 40 years. The core business is compact diesel engine related machines, such as single cylinder horizontal engine and agricultural equipment, etc.
  • YADIN is the largest Indonesian entity in Yanmar Group with 600 employees nationwide.
  • YADIN doubled business in recent 5 years with agricultural machinery business growth.
  • YADIN exports its products to various countries including, Asia Pacific, Africa, Americas.

Business Strategy / Background

  • In Indonesia, mechanization in paddy farming has seen a significant growth in recent 5years. Combine harvester, 4WD tractor, rice transplanter are the driving products. Also, mechanization in South East Asia, South Asia is also strongly growing due to urbanization of population.
  • YADIN aims to grow its business in the next 5 years faster than the robust market growth in the rural development and farm labour mechanization sector. To enable this growth, YADIN requires an expert who has professional skill and knowledge in product strategy, product planning, competitive differentiation, strategic pricing, mechanical specification, promotional material/activity and other product management activities based on consumer insight, segmentation and targeting, value proposition, competitive comparison and other researches.


Position Summary

  • Leading strategic product management activities for future and current products to be sold in domestic and overseas market



Management and execution of product strategy and product planning activities including

  • Market / Industry analysis
  • Information work for market/industry trend analysis to obtain strategic insight for domestic and global market
  • Crop growing process analysis
  • Understand and analyse crop growing process and players with their profit structure to plan and consider mechanization strategy by such a growing process perspective.
  • In depth customer understanding
  • Customer and customer’s business analysis for segmentation/targeting and value proposition with professional quantitative and qualitative research methodology.
  • Developing competitive product strategy for required time frame such as current and medium term by 3-5 year
  • Developing pricing strategy for current and future products in view of market / customer / competitor perspective


Project management and execution

  • Plan and management of each project in line with required timeline
  • Staff management for member of up to 3 people (TBD)


Internal Communication

  • Marketing and Sales Department in YADIN
  • Other department in YADIN such as Customer Service, Logistics, Accounting, etc.
  • Directors and Top managements
  • Global Marketing and Strategy Network
  • Yanmar Japan Business units 
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
Employment Type
Work Location
Depok, Indonesia
Reporting To
General Manager, Marketing & Sales Department
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