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(Manager level)
(Manufacturing/ Production)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Dec 14, 2018 - Advertise Date
Mar 14, 2019 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our company established  in 1866, Company is a global leader in the development, development, distribution and sale of paints, coatings and related products for professional, industrial, commercial and retail customers.


Challenge Of Position And Problem Solving

Major Challenges

  • Medium term: To understand customers lines and gain packaging market knowledge
  • Long term: To have in-depth packaging market knowledge in Indonesia and sustainable knowledge to handle customer independently


Typical Problems

Technical Issues

  • To establish high levels of customer dependence on the products of the company by providing excellent products, excellent service and technical backup in order to command market price premiums on the brands and products of the company.



  • Need to quickly pick up technical knowledge to resolve problem on the customer lines



Personally Authorise

  • Work independently with little supervision


Discuss with Manager or Peers before Taking Action

  • Strategic programs
  • Value sell action plans
  •  New product launches           


Recommend to Manager

  • Local culture selling approach
  • Potential new customers

Basic Job Purpose

  • To provide technical and commercial support to existing customers in Indonesia. This includes line start-ups, trouble-shooting and on-going account maintenance. At the same time to develop new potential customers and maximises company position in the Indonesia market and achieves corporate sales and profit targets


Principal Accountabilities  

Safety, Health and Environmen

  • Ensure that company operations are conducted with proper regard for the safety and health of employees, customers, community and the environment whilst observing at all times the standards, laws and ethics pertaining to all operations.


Measurement Criteria

  • Adherence to HS&E policies and standards
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Conformance to statutory / regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with Government regulations


Customer Service

  • Perform monthly line audits at customers’ plant
  • Provide technical support / troubleshooting
  • Gather competitor’s information
  • Be the first line of local response


Measurement Criteria

  • Monthly customer audit reports
  • Market intelligence reports


Stock Management

  • Work with Indonesia Country Manager and Planner/Customer Service to maintain sufficient stocks in Indonesia
  • Work together with customers to provide accurate forecast
  • Help customers to manage stocks and order forecasting system


Measurement Criteria

  • Stock forecasts placed monthly to Planner/Customer Service in Indonesia
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Sales volume growth
  • Customer satisfaction


Operating Environment

  • The company market a broad range of packaging products and will continue the development of the other packaging products in the Food/Beverage segments.
  • The Technical Sales Manager has the unique challenges of both working with the current customers in addition to gain insight knowledge of the packaging business in Indonesia.
  • The Technical Sales Manager is expected to establish working relationship with customers’ key personnel and internal product development team in commercialization of products. This position will be critical to the success of the future growth of the company, shaping not only the brand growth and profitability of the business in Indonesia but influencing the amount of investment made by the company across the region.
  • The Technical Sales Manager will be responsible for managing a range of functions of the business in Indonesia including technical support, stock forecasting, debt collection, placement of orders, and account management.
  • The challenges of doing business in Indonesia and the cultural differences across the packaging markets covered by the incumbent add a further dimension to the role.


Key Contacts


  • Country Manager Sales / marketing / Technical Issue / debt / reporting Daily
  • Technical Service Supervisor Technical Support / New product trial at customer When needed
  • Planner/Customer Service  Orders/documentation Weekly/ When needed
  • Technical Manager Singapore Technical Support/Product Development When needed



  • Customers Account management Technical support Weekly Weekly
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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Nur Halimah (Consultant)

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Benitta Mei (Consultant)

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