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(Manager level)
(Healthcare/ Hospital)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Sep 30, 2019 - Advertise Date
Dec 29, 2019 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our company is an innovative health investment & operating company. We provide integrated solutions to bridge the healthcare infrastructure gap in Indonesia.

Our access to capital coupled with our expertise in equipment and consumables procurement, technical service, operations and clinical services, allows us to efficiently setup and operate state-of-the-art healthcare facilities throughout the region.
With more than 110 professionals and experts in the healthcare industry, we provide tailor-made solutions so our partners can focus on their core mission:
To provide the highest quality of care.

  • Degree in engineering BioMedical, ElectroMedical Bachelor Degree

Experience in handling cathlab equipment for at least 5 years


Maintain medical equipment assets (Periodic Maintenance) :

a. Intervention scheduling : Weekly
b. Execution. : Weekly
c. Reporting.

Perform First line troubleshooting.
Coordinate with Hospital Biomedical engineer intervention.
Perform Equipment safety audit  every 6 months
Perform Technical site audit.
Escalate Technical issue and follow up with principals  : Yearly
H: Daily/Harian M: Weekly/Minggguan B: Monthly/Bulanan T: Yearly/Tahunan

Related Work Internal

1. Project & Technical Manager purpose Getting approval for business trip
Technical issue reporting and escalation.

2. Technical Support Engineer purpose Technical issue reporting and escalation.

3. Site Manager purpose Supporting sites' uptime at the highest level

4. Project Officer/Specialist purpose Giving advise/inputs during project regarding civil, mechanical and electrical equipment specification.

Related Work External

1. Hospital biomedical technician purpose First line troubleshooting/guidance.


  • Perform maintenance (periodic/preventive ) and corrective (troubleshooting)
  • Perform part replacement if needed
  • Decide whether equipment is meeting the standard to operate and to stop it when it relates with patient safety.
Length of Experience
4 - 6 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Reporting To
Project & Tech. Manager
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