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(Manager level)
(Computer Software/ IT)
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 13, 2019 - Advertise Date
Feb 11, 2020 - Expired Date

Company Descriptions

Our company encourages the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders by building, investing, and advising projects or organizations that adopt the Cardano decentralized blockchain ecosystem. We utilize our expertise in blockchain R&D and a global network of blockchain partners and related industries to support businesses globally.

Our company is the official commercial and business arm of the Cardano project, registered in Tokyo, Japan since June 2017 and in Singapore since May 2018. We are uniquely affiliated and work with IOHK to grow the Cardano ecosystem globally and promote the adoption of the Cardano blockchain.


- Have more than 3 years experience as a system consultant 
- Have 3 years experience in supply management industry specifcially for food 
- Have intermidiate understanding of blockchian at both business and tehcnical areas
- Have experience in creating BPMN and system requirement 
- Experieince in managing more than 3 persons team and lead it 

- Experieince in dealing with food industry clients and 
- Passion for coffee and the sense of empowring communities 
- Experience in working in rural farm area and undestand its dynamics

Age : 30 Up to 45


Our company is hiring system implemenation consultant who has a deep understanding of technology and can complete roles from engaging with leads, closing a contract, creating a proposal, project management, and communicate with our tech team from technical standing point 

Candidates will 

- Seek, acquire, and maintain new projects and suggests improvements to methodology.
- Determine client needs and present options or outlines for the client to consider.
- Transform client requirements into a proposal, work-plan, and scoping document and follow through on execution.
- Present issses and solutions to clients 
- Play a role of project manager and manage projects to be delivered on time  
- Communicate with multiple stakeholders and commence projects(clients, farm, and international tech team)

Length of Experience
2 - 4 years
Employment Type
Work Location
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Debby Lim


Debby Lim (Consultant)

Rubby Lim


Rubby Lim (Consultant)

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