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Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure Jobseekers
Read Step by Step of Recruitment Procedure For Job Seekers

The Recruitment Procedure here is the best & ideal estimation for the enitre process, however the accuracy of timelines may be vary depends on the 3rd parties schedule.

Job Offering
RimbunJob consultant will introduce the job opportunity to potential candidates.
Receive Updated CV / Profile
If Candidate is interested in the position offered, RimbunJob Consultant will need the latest updated CV
CV Profile review by consultants
Phone Interview
Consultants would conduct phone interview to complete data in CV and ensuring confirmation from candidates before referring their profile to our client.
Profile Introduction
Introducing Candidate CV profile to RimbunJob Client
Review by Clients
Selection and final confirmation by clients on the submitted candidates.
Interview Schedule Arrangement
RimbunJob Consultants will assist on the interview schedule
Reference Check & Documentation
Reference check (request from client)
RimbunJob Consultant would assist on all the needed documentation to ensure a successful candidate placemenet with our clients
Hiring Candidate
Congratulations on your new position with our client